How to be confident during job interviews

Eye contact

The most important and foremost thing is eye contact. Try having eye contacts with the interviewers while both listening and speaking.

Some people have trouble doing this but this adds the extra chance of you getting that job.

This eye contact is noticed by interviewers worldwide and it doesn’t look well if you are looking here and there while listening or talking.

Avoid fidgeting

if you fidget during an interview, it’s a clear sign that you’re nervous and it can affect your interview negatively.

One way to prevent is to practice a sitting posture with your hands clasped or grasped on the table or your lap and avoid the movement of hands, or perceptible squirming.

Also, very important, don’t shake your legs or hands as this also implies that you are not only nervous but a little confused as well so try avoiding that too.

Try to make your body take more space when you’re sitting for an interview rather than becoming smaller as this indicates confidence.


Try practising a few interviews with your friends to make sure that you are mastering all your shortcomings. Some of us don’t really know all of our shortcomings, so by practising once you can come to know about them.

Try practising handshakes and your sitting posture. Ask friends and colleagues who have given interviews about their experience as well.

Talk steadily

When a question is asked, don’t be in a hurry to answer it in overconfidence because sometimes you may think you are very confident and you blurt out the answer in a rush thus not structurally answering the question as it would have been answered if you were slow.

Take time to think and it’s okay to say,” let me think.” If you don’t understand a question, ask the interviewers to repeat it for you so that you know clearly what the question is demanding. Don’t try to be extra efficient and give extra details that are not necessarily required.

Be precise and impactful. Don’t show them that you are desperate, ask them questions regarding their policies if you have any, and show that you’re are in demand but at the same time be very respectful.


listen to them, avoid thinking about what is going to happen or asked next because if you’re going to think about the next, you’re going to miss out on important details and exact questions being asked.

Try to enjoy the process, show them that you’re there and involved. If they joke out loud, join them. Just be involved deeply in the conversation and listen to them clearly, wait for them to finish and then you may answer.

Smile and show them that you’re not scared or confused in fact you are enjoying every bit of the interview.

If you practice all these steps, things are going to turn out easy and fruitful for you not only will it be easier for you to get a job but the impact of your interview will stay with the owners or interviewers forever.