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“Do you have any questions?”

Whenever the interviewer ends his/ her interview they certainly end it with asking you of what questions you might have in your mind. Naturally, this question in itself is a bigger challenge since here also you have to be extremely productive and intelligent.

You should never answer it as a simple “no” since this very question holds great significance in the eyes of the interview panel. You do not have to necessarily flatter the interviewer by giving this impression that the interview went perfect when you know it didn’t.

Instead, it gives this unintelligent impression that the employee is shallow. It is perceived as if the employee is not inquisitive and doesn’t have much interest in the company plus the post.

So here we present you the questions you may ask the interviewer in a very subtle manner.

  • What should I set my foremost goals as?

Now, this question is a very tricky one since if not properly phrased can leave a very naïve impression. You should not put forward this question like “what do I do at this position?”. If you properly phrase the question and put it forward, the interviewer feels as if the employee believes in self- responsibilities and improvement through that.

  • What do you improvise as my day-to-day responsibilities and tasks?

This shows the interviewer that you are really into your job and are willing to work in a very enthusiastic and ready manner. This again shows your self-responsibility and self- accountability. It opens up some hidden things and tasks regarding your applied post that may not be written or stated in the job description. It really helps you understand your post thoroughly and more precisely. Also, once you understand the hidden aspects also, you get to decide whether you want to do this job or not.

  • What are the immediate or current obstacles or projects the company is currently working on?

If you ask this question it gets you to understand about the company on the whole. It gives you an insight into the fact that if you are hired what obstacles or in what conditions and with what kind of projects you might be processing with. It tells you how you can make use of your qualities to help reach and get the goals the company is already dreaming for.

  • What are going to be the future goals of the company?

O n the flip side, this helps you understand how you can grow with the company when the company is growing itself if you are seeing yourself in the same company for the upcoming several years, it shows the interest of yours to the interviewer and they think that you do take care of the company’s enhancement and not just your individual advantage.

  • What do you expect the qualities for someone to excel in this role?

It shows your individual interest in the post and how you willing to outperform it by not only using your current characteristics but also by possessing and bringing in some of the new ones (if stated) and if you are offered the roles. It leaves this very promising impact on the interviewers

  • What piece of advice would you give to a person at this post?

This helps you get the most experienced and practical piece of advice at the earliest stage. This makes the fact somewhat obvious of what is needed and what’s not.

When at one side we stated what you should ask, on the other side we are also pointing out of what you sould not ask in an interview. Asking some wrong question can immediately lead to the interviewer forming a negative opinion about you. Both the right and wrong questions are equally important.


  • Do not talk about the salary and other privileges as of yet as this leaves a very greedy impression and it is not just the right time to ask such a question at this point. Wait until the final steps.
  • Do not ask the question while you are standing as it shows a lack of self- confidence and lack of self- esteem. It shows as if you are confused and not prepared.
  • Do not ask about what does the company do specifically since it shows a lack of research plus interest.
  • Do not ask about your job meaning very meaningless questions.
  • Do not ask questions that can be answered through extremely simple common sense and with just a yes or no.
  • Do not always ask questions surrounding you only since it shows your self-obsession. If you ask questions about work and company also it shows how you ting about the company and you simultaneously.
  • Do not stress upon asking about breaks and working hours since it shows that you are not really interested.

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