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9 Things you should never include in your resume!

Writing a resume may be a very technical phase for you. It may be difficult for you to actually understand what to write and what not to write and how is that going to affect your job.

It is equally important to know what you should probably never write in your resume since that plays an important part. The hiring manager never reads your resume line by line but they actually skim through it.

You can only be one of the hundred to be called back and that entirely depends upon your resume structure and the information given in it.

Also, make sure that your resume does not have to be more than 2- 3 pages. So, here is a list where we enlist things and items that you should definitely miss out on while writing your resume.

Your Basic Goal or Objective Should Never Include In ResumeNever Include In Resume

So this is probably the most stupid thing one could do while writing their resume and it makes an even worse and dumb impression upon the hiring managers.

The fact that you are mentioning the job post and objective seems extremely bizarre and unwanted. Of course, if the job description read of a marketing manager so that is obvious that your resume is going to be and should be about a marketing manager, not a CEO of course.

To write about ones’ objective is something that you should never even think of mentioning.

Hobbies and personal interests

Seriously, no one cares about what your personal hobbies or interests are especially if they are not concerning your very job post. So it is better to leave these unnecessary things off and rather make space for some important details that may be missed out in case of a long resume.

Grammatical errors

Always make sure a hundred times that your resume is free of any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It leaves a very bad impression upon the hiring managers. It seems as if the employee is irresponsible and uninterested.

These things may seem really minute but they have a very big say in your hiring. So let us just face it that if your resume has basic grammatical errors and spelling mistakes you hardly have any chance of getting hired anyway.

Way too personal information

In some countries around the world, it is considered to be illegal to ask about someone’s personal stuff such as religion, marital status, gender, or even their date of birth.

Many hiring managers do not really admire the fact that the employee is getting way too personal and that too in their resume.

It is recommended to leave off your religion and peculiar things such as political party references from your resume. Since no one has anything to do with this kind of information on yours.

Unnecessary informationNever Include In Resume

Giving information such as your physical appearance, resume date, photograph, the title “resume” in your resume does not do any good to you but instead, it lowers your chances of getting hired and also it reduces the space in your resume that could be used to write some important information.

Giving such information as mentioned above is extremely basic and it leaves this impact upon the hiring team the employee is shallow and just wants to fill up the resume and make it look as if you are overqualified.

Also, refrain from using phrases like “I am a perfect match for this job” or I am overqualified for this job”. It deeply offends the hiring team or company. Remember to never glorify your own self.

Humiliating previous company or boss

Never ever even think of doing this mistake anyway in your life. If it is a resume or even an interview.

If you bash your previous company or boss in any way, it shows that you are not an honest and loyal employee who gives respect to his/ her previous jobs or bosses. They feel as if you might even humiliate their company in future jobs.

Lies or fabrication

As the hiring managers are extremely proficient and experienced in their jobs, they can smell lies from a mile away even. It is better to never lie in your resume nor glorify or fabricate experiences.

They are going to know about your lies anyway through an employee investigation and through other things in such an advanced century. Remember to never lie and get a job based upon the real aspects.

Very old information

Be it be your college or university GPA or if you were in the school council; such information does not have to do anything with your practical job life.

No one gives importance and attention to very distant information. Try to focus on your recent experiences and accomplishments.

Salary history

Try not to write about your salary history in your resume. It seems very vague and shows as if you are very greedy. And, you do not want to give such an impression.



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