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Signs That Your Coworkers Hate or Do Not Like You

You are always a villain in someone’s story. You cannot always be a good or positive person in everyone’s story or list.

There may be chances that you are the problem but there are again likely chances that it might just be hostility among your co-workers and you may not be a culprit. Anyways, you need to know whether or not your co-workers like you or not because you are going to work with them and it is always good to maintain good relations with your co-workers.

You may not understand if it is just a bad day mood swing or is it a full- fledging grudge or hostility against you. So, in order to get you aware of those certain signs, here we present you the list of signs that may indicate that your co-workers do not like you.

Your Coworkers do not welcome you

Have you ever noticed that your co-workers may be avoiding you or at least your instincts indicated you so, certainly you should consider it. If your co-workers decide to use another route or table where you are likely to pass or sit that clearly means that they are avoiding you anyway. So, if you have already gotten such signs, it is high time that you do something about it.

They have negative visual communication

Do your co-workers tend to not look at you in eyes when you are speaking or they are certainly rolling their arms above their chests or they roll their eyes? Probability is that they do not like you at all and have this aggression against you. If you ever come across a constant bad or negative body communication from your co-workers then there is something definitely wrong. Remember, not everything is made obvious through words.

They take credit of your workCoworkers Hate

They do not take you into discussions

Do you feel excluded when your co-workers may be having a talk with each other on any topic (personal or work-related)? Then, it is obvious that they do not want to have you around ad certainly do not like you. Are there any office humour jokes that you do not understand or are a part of? Again, it shows that your co-workers do not consider you a part of them and rather do not like talking or being around you.

They spread rumors

They exclude you from non- working subjects

If your co-workers do not indulge you in subjects that may not be concerning office subjects such as personal talks about family and hobbies or your co-workers do not invite you ate personal gatherings and parties then it clearly shows that they are not very fond of you and do not like spending time with you.

They act as a “boss” in front of youCoworkers Hate

They would act all-knowing in your matters and always try to show that you are the authority even if they are clearly not. Try not to get underestimated by their so-called “judgments” and have your own say.

They act differently around you

They may change conversations and environment as soon as you enter the room. They tend to change topics and you feel hostility right away. Take note of such signs.




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