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Career-mistakes that must be avoided

It is okay to make mistakes in life and there is nothing to be ashamed of in any way. But, if you keep on repeating certain mistakes over and over again, that is when it gets embarrassing. Repeatedly, making the same mistake decreases your quality of work and people become hesitant to trust you.

Especially, when it comes to your career and work life, it is better to not repeat mistakes and beware things concerning. Making mistakes only makes you more experienced and knowledgeable.

Your choices determine your standings and future and it is perfectly fine to make wrong decisions since from there you gain experience and lessons to make the right choices in future.

When you stop learning

When you start landing in your comfort zone at all times and whatever you do get success or your boss is perfectly fine with your work; the biggest mistake you make at this point is to stop learning.

Not thinking out of the box regardless of the fact that everything is going smoothly. If you stop learning about your industry and stop acquiring knowledge either through the internet or books can be an extremely bad and deadly drawback in ones’ life.

You stop making advanced decisions and become shallow which is very dangerous for your career life in future.

Always playing safe

If you stop experimenting and always play safe with your work, career and projects, you start turning into a superficial employee. When you stop taking risks and stop thinking out of the box you become very comfortable in whatever you do i.e. your work.

It is not necessary that whatever you do new has to be successful, it is okay to sometimes fail and rather it shows to your boss that you are a promising employee who wants to add more feathers in his/ her cap and also into the company.

Ignoring your worth

If you stop ignoring your worth at your workplace and forget to be respected. You let people make fun of you and your manager treat whatever way he/ she wants to. You think being loved by doing anything is better and bigger than being respected.

But, respect over everything attitude needs to be present in every phase of life. Tell people what you are worthy of by proving things and make respect your topmost concern.

Being a ‘yes’ person

Being an 'Yes' Person

If you always say yes to your boss no matter what is a very wrong strategy. If you only want to secure score in the eyes of your boss, you are necessarily missing out your freedom of speech.

Especially, when it comes to project deadlines, you have to be extremely vocal so that you do not disappoint yourself and the company on the whole. Missing deadlines puts you at a disadvantage that your boss might not rely on you.

Tell what and when you can do and what and when you cannot. It shows your commitment and tongue and you do not want to seem unreliable. There is nothing to be afraid of; you are only trying to get beneficiary to your company.

When you stop socializing

When you stop networking yourself and bonding around especially with your co-workers you are at a lesser degree to get recognized. If you stop making links and connections, fewer people would know about you and rather you would be at a lesser degree to get recognized for many opportunities out there.

Even, in future, you might not be considered at other jobs (if needed) and opportunities in your career. So, never stop networking and socializing. Keep going!


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