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Tips if you want to return to work after a career break

Many of us take career breaks and that is not a bad thing as most of us consider. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have taken a career break instead if there is a genuine reason you should definitely take a career break.

But, the real challenge that follows is how you cope with that break and how you actually return to your career and jobs like a pro. Some things tend to change if you have taken a long career break.

Since there are always pros and cons of taking a career break, many job hiring teams might hesitate from hiring a person who has taken a career break since they believe that that person may have forgotten the fundamentals and he/ she cannot be given a job right away.

We will share 6 ideas here to which can encourage hiring managers to hire you.

Polish-up your information about your field

Whenever you are ready to go and get started with your career; always remember that you have to re-learn all the fundamentals, basics and news about your very field or industry.

Surely, there might have been some changes and new things in your field which you need to know at any cost. When you are at our break, you can research and be up to date through the internet and other sources.

So, when you are interviewing, you know all the tea about your industry.

Understand what you want to do

Maybe, you do not want to do the things you did in your previous job. Maybe, you did not find that your passion or at least you did not find your previous responsibilities as your priority.

So, the very next thing you would have to do while in your career break is to sit down, think and understand what you really want to do. Whether that is in your current industry or field or if you want to switch. But, do take that in importance.

Contact your previous co-workers

Remember, to never completely disconnect from your previous co-workers. If you stay in touch with them, (even a basic “hello” would work out) they can help you out a lot.

They can not only tell you all the news about the industry but they can also help you find another job by suggesting you and believe you me it helps a lot. It helps you connect with more and more people and maintain links.

Do some voluntary works

Okay, so before you go and drop in your CVs or resumes, always make sure that you have some recent experience and that you can get by doing voluntary work and internships concerning your field.

It helps you get warmed up and adds in your skills which would definitely help out in your future jobs.

Renew your resume or CV

Of course, if you are switching industries then it is fundamental for you to make a new resume or CV. But, even if you are not, even then it is preferred that you certainly make new ones.

Add what you have learnt from the voluntary world or internships (if any). Write the new things you have learnt so far and other stuff. Make sure you have a brand new resume or CV which makes you ready to go.

Possess self- confidence

Do not ever feel apologetic or embarrassed about your career break. It is not an act of shame to take a career break anyway since any person could have it whenever needed.

A person could not always be free and not have problems and good hiring managers understand that. So, seem and sound confident in your resume as well as your interview.

Everyone in any field admires self-confidence and it shows that you can resume and out-perform your job and responsibility fully.

Be honest in your interviews

Do not hesitate to tell in detail why you took a career break (if asked in detail). Do not make excuses for it and tell in a clear- cut form why it was an essential move.

Do not lie at all since that would lead to long- term problems and stress. So, just stay honest and never lie.


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