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Signs indicating you need to quit your job right away

Changing jobs seems like a very challenging and enormous decision. Many people fear quitting their jobs because of the consequences they expect to have. Sometimes, quitting a job can lead to long- term success and happiness. You should not be bound to continue working under circumstances you do not want to work in. But most importantly you should always have a back- up in case you are quitting your job so that you are not completely cut- off from earning and your family is entirely dependent upon you. It is very difficult to understand when to leave your job genuinely. You struggle understanding if it was just a bad or it is really the right time to leave. In order to understand why you should leave your job and what signs indicate you to leave your job and move on! here’s a list:

You do not find it as your passion

This disturbs you a lot. You are potraying roles and responsibilities that you do not really want to potray. You do not really like doing things you are inclined to in your existing job. You feel bored doing what you do and you are not passionate about it at all. Obviously, your goals and the company’s goals do not align and it is better to leave then to work forcefully. And of course if you are not passionate about something, you might not want to perform your duties to your utmost best. Deep inside, you know that you are better than this or if you are not made for this. So, its high time that you find something that matches your interests.

Theres no room for your growth or advancement

Now, this is some serious tea. Even if you like your job and enjoy doing it but thre is no room for improvement or your job has no future, it is better to leave it rather wait for the company to get bakrupt and you have no back- up. There is seriously no way to justify a company that dosen’t give importance to and employe’s personal growth and career. Certainly, there would be many jobs out there waiting to hire you where you can find some future growth; you just need to look out of the box.

Your job is comfortable and unchallenging

Okay, so this one might sound ironic but this is actually true. When you are comfortable at work and find it easy, you may feel that you have certainly mastered the art of your working field. But, guess what, you are wrong. If your job is unchallenging to you, it means that you are way more than what you have signed up for it beomes boring and it’s a routine. You feel boredom since you are in your comfort zone and ultimately you are not improving or learing new things which means that when you leave your job you still stand right there from where you had started.

You are ignored and under-valued

This is heart- breaking and you might just shove it off thinking as if that’s the way things are. But, that is now the way you would want to be for a longer run. If your ideas go unlistended and the best of your efforts go un- noticed or are under valued then this job you are doing is not for you at all. Moreover, if your manager or boss do not seem to pay attention to your needs such as increasing your salary and always over- look it then it adds to the reaons as to why you should not be working for the very company. You should probably leave such job and find some other job where your ideas and needs are valued.

You are anxious going to work

Ever woken up and thought “Not again!”. If that is what you feel constantly going to work then believe you me the natural forces are commanding you to quit right away rather than wait for someone else to come and tell you that it is time to leave anyway. This feeling, where you always feel anxious to go at work and are desperate to leave, it means that this job is not just the right fit for your interests and mind. But, before you take a final decision, identify if you just need a break or a complete change of environment. Sit and give it a deep thought.


You seem to not enjoy the environment and instead your work atmostphere has become negative and toxic for you which is eventually affecting your mood and health as well. The toxicity at work is causing you mental and physical disturbances and illnesses then it is recommended to leave that place and rather move on.



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