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Reasons you cannot find a job

There are many reasons out there to justify why we work and do a job but on the flip side when it comes to phase out the reasons for being unemployed, no one would have a definite reason or answer.

You desperately need a job and have been landing your resumes and CVs at companies but do not receive a call for an interview and even if you do receive one; you end up not getting hired. Of course, you put in your best efforts to find the job but unfortunately, the hiring managers do not seem to consider or notice that anyway.

People give up on job searching and we completely understand that but, to always stay hopeful will only get you to your goal and dream job someday maybe. So, here are some reasons that may be a cause for you being unemployed.

  • Something is wrong with your resume or CV

There has to be something wrong with your resume if you are constantly not getting a call for an interview from any of the companies. You would have to check the font, size and concerning things and review your resume to ensure perfect accuracy.

At first, it may seem to you as a perfect resume piece but once you look at it through some contradicting eyes, you might definitely come across some mistakes. Or ask someone else (some experienced individual) to read it for you and help you out. Same goes for your CV.

  • You haven’t socialized or made networks

So, here’s the thing, you do have some friends and links but even then they are of no help when it comes to your job or professional status.

Indeed, it may be very hard to understand and accept, but, your networking range is not wide enough. So, make links and socialize as much as you can. You never know who suggests who!

  • You messed up at the interview

There may be even a little mistake of yours that you have done at an interview but the interviewer noticed that and ultimately you do not get a callback.

If, you have a bad attitude during the interview or you have bad communication skills. If your attitude does not seem calm and cooperative rather angry and desperate, chances are, and you would not get a callback.

Or, if you were late or early and if you were not properly dressed, you should not expect much. If you were informally dressed up and were messy, you might not be considered for the job.

Use your interview to explain and defend your resume and if it has some employment gaps address it as the most important and in a very vigilant manner. Remember, do not over speak nor be shy.

Always stay neutral and respectful!

  • Your qualifications do not meet the requirement

You are either overqualified or under-qualified. The best thing is to find a way to fit in jobs and you can only do that if you find jobs that rather meet your qualifications.

If you are under-qualified, try volunteering and internships and add up skills, experience and certificates your resume and CV. And if you are overqualified do not seem overconfident or as if you may retire soon. Seem confident any way and never run short of reasons as to why they should hire you.

And if you are overqualified do not seem overconfident or as if you may retire soon. Seem confident any way and never run short of reasons as to why they should hire you.

  • You are not searching or applying for the right job

That is okay if you do not really understand as to how and what is the best job option that fits perfectly for you.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. You may be searching and going for the wrong job description sand dropping resumes and CVs for posts that have nothing to do with your qualifications and sometimes interest as well.

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