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What to do when you are jobless

There may be a certain period of time when you are unemployed and that is okay. There may be a hundred reasons why you are jobless and cannot find any jobs further. You need to figure the reasons of you not getting the job and try to prevent that as soon as possible because not only that reduces your self-esteem but also it adds the employment gap in your CV and resume. And this may not seem very pleasing to the hiring managers out there.

Yet, there are still many ways to counter such things and stay productive during this time so that when you get a job hopefully, you still have something to fill in the resumes. So here are some ways of what you can do or revise when you are not getting a job.

  • Revise your resume or CV

There could be something to do with your CV when you are not getting a callback. And that is perfectly fine to have some resume or CV problems or blenders.

Once you confront the problem what you need to do right away is to re read your resume and find if there are any mistakes or unpleasing things in it. If you cannot find that yourself f, consider showing it to some other person such as your friend, family member or any former colleague.

If there is a need, you should definitely consider rewriting your resume or CV and avoid former mistakes.

  • Start volunteering or internships

It is better to do something while you are unemployed so that you do not leave the space blank during that time period.

You can sign up for some internship (if it’s paid internship then you should never let it go), try volunteering and reaching out to such programs and not stop learning.

It can help you expand your skills and experience and become more diverse in your resume as well as in your real practical life.

  • Do research

Try finding jobs online since what can be a better information provider than the internet itself. You can definitely find jobs of your concern in your own area by simply writing that on Google.

You should certainly search about your post or the name of your post and your area or city and you would for sure find the jobs available in your living area.

It is the best way to find a job when you cannot find it practically or even through newspapers.

  • Demonstrate interviews

You cannot trust but doubt everything when you cannot find a job. From your resume to your qualifications to even your interview. There may be something that is going wrong with your interviews.

Try and practice your interviews by initially speaking all alone or even you can find someone to volunteer for you by being like a judge and ask questions to you.

The best thing would be if you find a person relating the field so that they ask appropriate questions. It can help you sharpen your speaking skills and correct any mistakes concerning interviews.

  • Try part time jobs

While part-time jobs may freak you out because of their awkward working hours and is pay but it is better to earn “something” then to earn nothing and pile up bills. Part-time jobs help you get at least some experience than to rather stay empty on both hands.

  • Start networking and socializing

It is always better to socialize and make links even if you need it or not. When you start talking to people and become more social, many people can help you out to reach out to some jobs or get you hired as favour. Or even suggest some jobs that may be hiring people in your field.

  • Become a free- lancer

Do something online, meaning become a freelancer. There are hundreds of websites and apps out there who are ready to hire you so that you can serve them anyway.

You can excel and learn new things online as well. Websites like or Fiverr can help you a lot get experience plus skills and give you some work.


Many people become depressed and loose themselves if they are not getting any jobs lately. Remember to keep pushing yourself harder and harder because you are not the only one who may be unemployed.

Always keep in mind that you do not have to give up any way and rather face the hardships. So, if you are not getting a job lately, remember that there is something big waiting for you in the future.

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